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   Mar 25th 2002
Counter-Strike news hiya!

lo, lo,

Just wanting to say a few things, firstly, ED seems to have been a big success so far, we are currently sitting pretty at the top of the league (tho not for long im sure, VETS and [BB] look mighty good), its been a good few weeks . Keep it up!

Secondly, can people please start reading clan information before they challenge, its annoying having to say no to games because people want to play with 'normal rules' or CO rules 7 v 7 when we say that we only play MR12 or whatever, im sure you all get the same.

gg wp, cya on the battle-field.

Posted by: arma

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Posted by Smittins on Mar 25th 2002

matt stop yer boastin'

Posted by Grunt on Mar 25th 2002

not exactly alot of competition, i mean look who's 2nd a HPB clan (and not a very good HPB clan at that)


Posted by slyo on Mar 25th 2002

can i say, suxor title?
yes i can, and i did

Posted by tiSSue on Mar 26th 2002

cough 22-2 to ^GUN^ last night cough

Posted by arma on Apr 5th 2002

-cough- still havent recieved demos from *cough* your *cough* members -cough-

Posted by [SA]Hitman on Apr 6th 2002

m00 pld Armaggedon

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