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   Nov 7th 2007
Unreal Tournament news UK National UT3 Championships

Unreal Tournament 3 is nearly upon us and the demo has been very well received. We were one of the first organizations to provide a download location for the demo.

We were also one of the first people to have hosted UT3 servers up and running for the demo and while we are talking about firsts do not forget that EnemyDown is the first site to offer Global Ranking Stats!

When it comes to UT3 we seem to be setting a bit of a precedent, so why stop there? EnemyDown is proud to announce that we will be running two launch tournaments in partnership with play.com and Midway. The tournaments will be UK based. There will be a single player tournament which will have a fantastic prize pot of £20,000, and a team based tournament which will command an impressive £30,000 prize pot.

In order to take part in the UT3 tournaments you MUST pre-order and purchase a copy of the game from play.com. You will receive a unique registration code which will be required to confirm your entry into the tournaments. That one unique registration key can be used to enter both of the tournaments if that is your desire.

These tournaments will be decided at a LAN in March, 2008. The venue is currently top secret so you will have to watch this space for that announcement.

Don’t forget, to qualify for the competition you MUST have bought your copy of UT3 from play.com so if you have it pre-ordered elsewhere now is the time to cancel that order and visit play.com to be in with a chance to win.
If you are in the market for that something extra special you can also pre-order the Limited Edition version and receive an entry code.

You can signup for EnemyDown and find out a little more about these competitions on the information page.

Posted by: Waylander

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Posted by deathrowWWWWWw on Nov 7th 2007

20 grand for a one player tournament, thats more than most ****ing source LANS for a team

Posted by zKs on Nov 7th 2007

Can we get details of the Team based tourney? Mainly what game type that will be.

No good training TDM for a vCTF tourney

TDM ftw tho

Posted by Robster on Nov 7th 2007

Posted by CreativE on Nov 7th 2007

Very nice

Posted by ^Mayhem on Nov 7th 2007

/me dusts off his rocket launcher and shock rifle

Posted by Han on Nov 7th 2007


Posted by iB on Nov 7th 2007

So i've pre-ordered...when and where do I get the code?

Posted by iB on Nov 7th 2007

oh and why is this under Team Fortress 2 news?

Posted by Mauser on Nov 7th 2007

you will get your promotional code along with your copy of UT3 upon launch.

Posted by dignitas.Zaccubus on Nov 7th 2007

this a uk only?? or can anyone enter?

Posted by iB on Nov 7th 2007

Mauser: on the box? in the envelope? in an email? Sorry it's not super clear unless I am missing something?

Posted by CreepyD on Nov 7th 2007

I want to sign up nooooooooooooooooow so i dont forget later
Oh and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease dont let the lan be on the 14th-17th March, ill be in Sweden then

Posted by DaBigDog on Nov 7th 2007

The LAN finals are currently scheduled for 15/16th March - although this could change..... we'll keep you updated as more info is confirmed. Sorry Creepy....

Posted by CreepyD on Nov 7th 2007

argh!!! It's my best mates wedding on the 15th, but these tourneys are what I play for.
I hope it changes, cos I don't wanna have to choose, I can't choose =( Flights already booked also.
gonna be depressed for the next 5 months

Posted by Mizugetsu on Nov 7th 2007

i preordered mine age's ago does that mean i can enter

Posted by .Icarus. on Nov 7th 2007

As long as its a pre order from play yes thats fine, its not restricted to the UK you can play from anywhere. the code will be emailed from play.

Posted by D2F[Rob] on Nov 7th 2007

Which team gametype will it be? TDM is hugely different to Vctf or warfare! ps please make it warfare

Posted by Rabuk on Nov 7th 2007

take it there will be a online qualification for the tourneys? can see many people signing up for this hopefully have the net back for feb now what do i choose, pre-order this or spend on the new house? toughie

Posted by VVV.K-OS on Nov 7th 2007

I pre-ordered this game from Play.com last year... will I still be part of this offer when the game is released?

Posted by CHEWI on Nov 7th 2007

Can anyone remember when EnemyDown was a 'no money organisation'? - damn those days sucked!

Posted by aaiQ on Nov 7th 2007

Can anyone remember when ED promoted 'Teamplay ONLY?' - damn those days sucked!

Posted by Rondrian on Nov 7th 2007

Would be very important to know which gametype will be chosen for the team event, probably most players can't be bothered to pre-order the game without knowing what will be played.

Posted by VVV.K-OS on Nov 10th 2007

1on1 obv, probs 4on4 tdm im thinking. Unlikely but suppose cud go to 5on5 vctf

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