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Enemy Down news Fair Shake Finale's
June 11th 2013

So after around 6 weeks of non stop action, drama, and finally no defaults in a competition (that is correct, 100% attendance record from the teams involved), we have got to the final of both Cups A & B in the Fair Shake competition, at the start we had 16 teams spread across 4 groups, which then split into 8 teams into each cup. Those 16 teams are now down to 4 teams, here are the four teams.

Cup A:

Perilous Vivo Vs BRAZIL

(Perilous Vivo: 5haBo, CLouD, nS, Syphon, JIMMAK | BRAZIL: Membrane, ayekuf, PALMRRR, Am0, zinc)

Perilous have come from being the bottom seed of the competition due to a coin flip and their points + round difference. They were placed into Group 2, and managed to come second in their group behind Instincts, they lost to Instincts in the first week, by 16 - 9 on nuke, but they came back to win against Kambui 16 - 7 on mirage, and then beat NO:GO sYnergy 16 - 4 on inferno in the final week to send them into Cup A. In the first week of Cup A they played against Silence Affects Honour, by a well fought 16 - 11 on de_nuke, then proceeded into the Semi-Finals against the team that had beaten them earlier in the competition, Instincts, could Instincts prevail again? Nuke was the map choice once again and it ended up in Perilous' favour with the Fair Shake Christmas Champions taking to the platform once again with a 16 - 7 win. They are looking solid for their title once again.

BRAZIL are the team that stand in Perilous' way of a double Fair Shake title, they have had a rather solid route through the competition. BRAZIL were placed into Group 3, finished top of their group with three wins from three. BRAZIL played their first game against Ministry Of Darkness (mix team) and won 16 - 14 on nuke, they then went into mirage against Froody's second team, Boobies, and ended up winning 20 - 10 against the guys from Froody. In the final week, they squared up against Moosesports Teens team, and smashed those guys 16 - 3. That meant that BRAZIL went into Cup A, and ended up as third seed in the competition due to round difference and points. Their first round opponents were EasyFix, where they played inferno, the match ended up being fairly straightforward for BRAZIL as they ran out 16 - 6. In the Semi-Finals, they then ended up playing against animate who played them on inferno, and this time it was a little less straightforward as they were pushed to 16 - 9 in the match.

The question is, do BRAZIL have the bottle to win Cup A of Fair Shake? Get your predictions in the comments.....

Cup B Final has already been played at the time of this writing, with NO:GO winning over three maps. They beat BWNJR 2 - 1, the maps were nuke, mirage & inferno.

Get your predictions in for Cup A.

The Cup Final is to be Streamed Here: http://www.twitch.tv/reverential
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CS Global Offensive news Fair Shake Begins Tonight
May 7th 2013

For those participating in Fair Shake, it begins tonight on de_nuke_se.

Remember the format has slightly altered from the one previously advertised from a 24 team event to 16 teams only. This meant that Groups are now of 4 instead of 6, and that there will be two cups splitting Top 2 & Bottom 2 of each group.


ED Admin Team
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Day of Defeat news ED Lennon Night Cup
May 2nd 2013

Lennon b2 night cup
May 8th 2013

Welcome to the ED Lennon b2 cup

This Night cup for 8 teams. Winners advance to the next round. Match day is Wednesday 8th May, Maps are pre-chosen for all 3 rounds.

Round 1 - Wednesday 8th May 19:00 GMT | Lennon b2
Round 2 - Wednesday 8th May 20:00 GMT | Lennon b2
Round 3 - Wednesday 8th May 21:00 GMT | Lennon b2
(Bronze match – Wednesday 8th May 20:00 GMT | Lennon b2

2x20 minute matches - 19GMT = 20CET

1 - All normal ED rules apply, unless otherwise stated in this section.

2 - Matches are to be played on home teams server. If the away team are unsatisfied with the home teams server, they may choose to play the second half of the match on their server. X-Ray is NOT needed in this event. Also DoDGuard can NOT be demanded to be installed on server. If the match server has DoDGuard on, a team cannot refuse to play in there because of that.

3 - All players must record in-eye demos for all matches in this event, and keep the demos for at least 14 days. Also teams are recommended to have a recording HLTV on the match server. Demos must be handed over to an ED admin if asked - within 5 days from the request. Demos can only be requested from max. 2 players per team from each match. Demos can not be requested without a reason. If a team suspects opponent player(s) of cheating, they must also let admins know the details (what happened, and when).

4. The use of mercs is not allowed any clans caught or disputed against this rule will result in a default win to the opposite team. Up to 1 red cross player can play if there at least 24 hours left.

Your admins for this event:

Thunder http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=160939 (steam SoS | Thunder)
Ecco08 http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=187588 (steam Ecco!)
Bibop http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=137846
Burp http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=105401

If they are is offline and you need urgent help with something, go to #edad
This cup runs over 3 rounds, takes place on Sunday and contains a total of 8 clans.

Week 1: dod_Lennon_b2
Week 2: dod_Lennon_b2
Week 3: dod_Lennon_b2
This cup runs over 3 rounds, takes place on Wednesday and contains a total of 8 clans.

Week 1: dod_lennon_b2
Week 2: dod_lennon_b2
Week 3: dod_lennon_b2
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CS Global Offensive news Fair Shake Spring & Custom Fun
April 24th 2013

We have brought out a couple of cups for you to take part in. As is the norm for the off-season for EDCSGOL, Fair Shake seems to take place and this will be open for 24 teams. Fair Shake is simple as a format, there will be 4 Groups of 6 Teams. Teams fight against each other for placement, where you finish in the Group Stages then determine which Cup you go into. These cups are based on skill level, so Top 2 teams go through to Cup A, 3rd & 4th go through to Cup B, whilst the bottom two teams go through to Cup C. The Fair Shake for Spring 2013, takes place on Tuesday Nights at 9pm, and will begin on Tuesday 7th May.

Maps & Schedule:

de_nuke_se - Tuesday 7th May
de_mirage_csgo - Tuesday 14th May
de_inferno_se - Tuesday 21st May
de_dust2_se - Tuesday 28th May
de_train_se - Tuesday 4th June

Cup Stages:

VETO BO1 - Tuesday 11th June
VETO BO1 - Tuesday 18th June
VETO BO3 - Tuesday 25th June

VETO will consist of nuke, mirage, inferno, dust2, train & season.

To sign up to Fair Shake Spring 2013: http://www.enemydown.co.uk/league.p hp?event=904

Our Second event is something a little more different and unusual. Something that should introduce different maps to the community, and is very much needed for this year. After playing some of these maps, I picked some of the better ones from the CEVO Mapping Competition, that went on last week. This will be a World Cup competition, teams will compete in 4 groups of 4 teams, and then progress to one cup between 8 teams. The first three weeks will introduce you to two relatively known maps in the custom map pool, and one map you seriously won't know. The VETO stage of the cup, will give you the option of a further three maps, two being relatively unknown and one known.

This competition will be on Sunday Nights at 9pm until June.

Week 1 - de_season - Sunday 12th May
Week 2 - de_sanguinis - Sunday 19th May
Week 3 - de_cache - Sunday 26th May
Week 4 - BO1 VETO - Sunday 9th June
Week 5 - BO1 VETO - Sunday 16th June
Week 6 - BO3 VETO - Sunday 23rd June

VETO Maps: de_season, de_sanguini, de_cache, de_pressure, de_gwalior_se, de_mill_b2.

All maps can be downloaded straight to server through an rcon console command. Any workshop map will be downloaded straight to a clients map folder as normal and will be fine to work with.

rcon host_workshop_map [ENTER MAP ID HERE]

To Sign Up To House of Custom Fun: http://www.enemydown.co.uk/worldcup .php?event=906

EDCSGOL Season 3 will begin shortly after Fair Shake, so stay tuned for the news regarding that.
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Enemy Down news A Broken Enemy Down?
April 23rd 2013

I had a spark of writing, and fancied being brutally honest about how I feel about Enemy Down currently. After a discussion with Trins, we felt a bit dejected from recent events.

I felt a need to address how I felt, and what needs to happen with the community.

Please share your own thoughts about the website, and please have a read in your own time of what I feel about Enemy Down currently.

The Article: http://www.quickscope.co.uk/compone nt/k2/item/1017-a-broken-enemy-down?
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Login Issues resolved

It is with great pleasure that people can start using Enemy Down once again.The login issues have been resolved, which was related to a database failure of some sorts.Please continue to use and abuse Enemy Down as you see fit. We welcome you back with open arms ...
Open Ladder Playoffs Restructure

As the invites go dashing out to the Top 8 teams in the ladder once again, I will inform the community of the changes to this months criteria for the Open Ladder Playoffs. We have seen how other leagues have managed to take the idea from us and make it ...
Anzio night cup

Welcome to the ED Anzio cupThis Night cup for 8 teams. Winners advance to the next round. Match day is Sunday 31st March, Maps are pre-chosen for all 3 rounds.Round 1 - Sunday 31st March 19:00 GMT | AnzioRound 2 - Sunday 31st March 20:00 GMT | AnzioRound 3 - ...
event silver
CS Global Offensive
Fair Shake Spring 13 B
Runners Up
event gold
CS Global Offensive
Fair Shake Spring 13 B
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CS Global Offensive
Fair Shake Spring 13 A
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ED Lennon b2 Night Cup
Just for fun
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